Vantage BioTrials named “Most Client Focused Clinical Trial Management Firm – Canada”

MONTREAL, December 15, 2017 – Vantage BioTrials has been named the “Most Client Focused Clinical Trial Management Firm – Canada” by Acquisition Intl. Magazine.

Vantage BioTrials is a full-service clinical trial management organization based in Canada, with operational capabilities across North America, Latin America, and Europe. We invited the team at VBT to tell us more about the company and the services that it offers, as it features in our 2017 Global Excellence Awards as the Most Client Focused Clinical Trial Management Firm – Canada.

Vantage BioTrials boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience with its expertise running the gamut of therapeutic areas, however, the company’s strength lies within its lean management strategies and operations for conducting clinical trials in the most efficient, targeted fashion, ensuring the best results for clients every time. For this reason, the company has won numerous industry awards over the last 10 years of operations, and are happy to count AI’s “2017 Global Excellence Award as the Most Client Focused Clinical Trial Management Firm – Canada” among them. The team tells us about the firm’s overall mission and what steps they will take in order to achieve this.

“Firstly, here at VBT, our mission is to use innovative clinical trial management strategies for the life science industry with a focus on patient safety & advancing new therapies to market,” explains Viken Bartekian, VP of Corporate Development. “We understand the importance of speed in healthcare, and put in place different strategies to utilize the best technologies and processes so that ground-breaking therapies can get to patients faster.”

“Secondly, we integrate innovative thinking in everything we do, and everyone we employ or work with, by putting a big emphasis on gaining efficiencies in the quality management of clinical trials, especially since they’ve become more complex over the years and the emergence of new technologies has left our industry scrambling to make sense of the best options or tools to use. We view Quality Management in clinical trials as a versatile process, with an emphasis on re-thinking protocol design to minimize its complexity, eliminating unnecessary procedures and refining data collection tools and methods.”

“Ultimately, it provides us with a key to better decision- making to ensure we focus on relevant activities to bring about faster, less costly studies while maintaining high levels of quality and safety for trial participants.”

Distinguishing itself from its competitors, the organisation’s lean operational model helps it to stand out as the best possible option for clients throughout the industry, something the team at Vantage BioTrials is keen to point out.

“Alongside our lean operational model, our process excellence is something we value and teach all our employees, from the most junior to the most seasoned. This way, we become the best option for our clients to run their clinical trials, whether it be a phase I (first in human) through a phase IV (observational-type) study,” explains Vatche Bartekian, President of Vantage BioTrials.

With regards to the future of the clinical trials and the medical industry, the team predicts what developments will arise within the global corporate landscape, and they tell us what they will do to adapt to these advances.

“Interestingly, because of innovations that have increased the value and power of data in trials today, clinical trials of the future are already becoming smaller, faster, and involve fewer participants. With more patient involvement, input and continued progress in the areas of technology platforms, recruitment strategies, and building partnerships, we expect to see more responsive and flexible trial designs, making it possible for studies to make adjustments to protocols in response to trial data and refine and improve outcomes in the midst of a trial.”

“Due to our current and flexible operational model, Vantage BioTrials is already poised to take on these challenges and ensure positive trial outcomes are realized. Essentially, this is what is needed to get life-saving treatments to patients, and in the drug development world, it is the only thing that should truly matter.”

Having mentioned how Vantage BioTrials is ready to adapt to new challenges, it is clear that there is a lot of positivity buzzing through the team and the staff at the company. Subsequently, in their concluding comments, the team is clearly excited about an annual clinical trials conference and the ways in which they are going about improving it.

“Looking ahead, we are currently working on expanding and improving an international annual clinical trials conference which we host called “Canada Talks Pharma”. This conference series invites the essential thought-leaders of our industry to come together and discuss latest challenges and solutions for conducting clinical trials and encourages networking to connect people with the right solutions- providers. Our 3rd annual Canada Talks Pharma event will take place in Toronto during the month of May 2018.”

About us

Founded in 2007, Vantage BioTrials is a privately-held Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides Phase I-IV clinical trial management services and implements Risk-Based Management through the use of Quality by Design (QbD) methodologies, all delivered to international pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

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