Vantage BioTrials Has Gone Virtual

April 24, 2023, Montréal, Canada – Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, Vantage BioTrials had established the need to virtualize and offer its employees flexibility by offering remote working conditions. As a niche CRO, we believe in making a difference by striving to find better ways to reduce our carbon footprint, be productive and more efficient. By going virtual, we are achieving the following benefits:

  • Reducing Waste and Carbon Footprint: We have digitized all SOPs and Policies and as a result have reduced the need to use paper, as well as the use of fossil fuels (e.g. transit to and from office) by over 95%. Audits of our systems and processes are always welcome and will be granted access via the utilization of a licensed secure platform, Digify.
  • Productivity: Since the last several years, overall productivity has increased drastically compared to the previous in-office model.
  • Performance: Creating stronger autonomy via location independence has caused employees to produce greater work results, whereby increasing the level of quality.
  • Engagement: The combination of higher productivity and performance has created stronger engagement, or in other words, much lower absenteeism.
  • Retention: The flexibility of working remotely has resulted in less turnover.

What remains the same:

  • Vantage BioTrials will continue to deliver the same clinical trial management services it has provided since it’s inception in 2007 by supporting drug and medical device clinical development/research in a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas.
  • You will continue to receive services from the same individuals you have come to trust.

What will change:

  • Any current Agreements that have the operations office address listed under the section “Notices” may have to be amended or revised to reflect the registered office’s address.
  • Face-to-face meetings will be conducted at Sponsor’s office location or at “flexible workspace” locations (e.g. WeWork, Regus, MetSpace, etc.) with whom Vantage BioTrials has already secured arrangements.

About Vantage BioTrials

Vantage BioTrials is a Contract Research Organization that uses innovative clinical trial management strategies for the life science industry with a focus on patient safety & advancing new therapies to market. We offer pharmaceutical, biotech & medical device companies a complete and integrated set of full service clinical trial management solutions at a competitive value.

Contact us today at [email protected] and discover how we can add value to your next clinical trial program.

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