A History of Success. We are a Contract Research Organization (CRO)
implementing Risk-Based Management through the use of
Quality by Design (QbD) methodologies, which helps
accelerate a study and reduces overall risk.
Phase I Phase II-III Phase IV Medical Devices & DIagnostics Audits
A History of Success. Start from the ground-up...
evaluate the situation from high above... from a vantage point,
then ground yourself and plan, implement, verify and execute.
Phase I Phase II-III Phase IV Medical Devices & DIagnostics Audits

    Vantage BioTrials Inc. is a privately-held, Contract Research Organization (CRO) that provides Phase I-IV clinical trial management services to international pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic pharmaceutical and medical device companies.


    Vantage BioTrials has become a leader in providing clinical trial management services by implementing Quality by Design (QbD) strategies, Risk-Based Approaches to Monitoring and process improvement methods to the entire clinical trial lifespan.


    Vantage BioTrials’ level of quality service has been a distinguishing factor over the years as we are continually challenging ourselves to achieve goals beyond our ability.  As proof, we’ve had the honor of being the recipient of several notable awards and accomplished numerous milestones.

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