Vantage BioTrials awarded GHP Innovation Award for Clinical Trial Management and named Best Pharmaceutical CRO

MONTREAL, July 1, 2017 — Vantage BioTrials has been awarded the GHP Innovation Award for Clinical Trial Management as well as being named Best Pharmaceutical CRO at the Global Health & Pharma International Life Sciences Awards 2017.

Recently celebrating its 10th year anniversary, Vantage BioTrials has successfully matured into a leader within Canada’s clinical research space. Vatche discusses the firm’s service offering and how it works to ensure excellence for its clients.

“At Vantage BioTrials, our main service offerings revolve around a lean operational model that provides clinical project management, monitoring, data management, regulatory, biostats, and auditing services (to name a few) in order to help bring our clients’ products and therapies to market while ensuring safety of trial participants and integrity of study data. Our expertise stretches into conducting phase I-IV clinical trials in multiple therapeutic areas for investigational drug products, and into class III-IV medical devices. Our approach with every project is to implement Quality by Design principles throughout its lifecycle in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients, which include Pharma, Biotechnology, Generic Pharma and Medical Device companies.

“In addition, we also pride ourselves in the way we approach each study by proactively seeking ways to help and support research sites and trial participants through direct involvement with site- centric and patient-centric methods. Clinical Trials are a complex and often burdensome activity for all involved, and one of our missions is to make things simpler and alleviate the burdens from those who are at the forefront of breakthrough research. One key strategy we use is leveraging engagement strategies and methods with all stakeholders, whether they be the drug/device manufacturers, Health Care Providers, trial participants, Patient Advocacy Groups, and consultant experts in drug development. Our innovative approach ensures that each study Sponsor receives the best attentive care for their study, while developing deep and long-lasting relationships with sites and investigators.”

Looking to the future, Vantage BioTrials has an exciting time ahead as it seeks to continue to grow and prosper, as Vatche concludes.

“Overall, our future is focused on strong, steady growth in both infrastructure, knowledge base, and technology offerings which aligns well with today’s global drug development market.”

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